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    Sub-total not behaving as expected (Packaged workbook)

    Andrew Bunster

      Hi team


      PFA packaged workbook.


      I've got 2 data sources;


      Budget figures

      Actual figures


      I've created a parameter which will let the user choose the desired month... which then displays actual figures up to that month, and budget figures past that month


      All is well except for the quarterly subtotal...


      For example, if the user chooses APRIL then the subtotal is correct; 9+9+9=27 (RIGHT)



      If the user chooses a month in the quarter... e.g. Feb, the sub-total is incorrect; 9+9+7=21 (WRONG)




      I've read the forums and it seems common but I am quite confused about fixes for the sub-total issue. Any suggestions for how to fix this one?