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    Dynamic Text based on Ranking required

    Raiyan k

      Hi Experts,


      Please see the attached workbook.

      In the workbook i have 2 sheets for State and City with Captions which i want to achieve.


      Also i created the Dashboard to show where and how i want the text to change.


      Below is the requirement that i want to achieve.


      The top three [State/City] with the most hires were [“State” or “City”] (XX%), [“State” or “City”] (XX%), and [“State” or “City”] (XX%).

      Above should be a **Dynamic Statement** based on the Region selection:

      a) IF Region equals or contains “West”, THEN:

      => The top three States with the most sales were [“State” #1] (XX%), [“State” #2] (XX%), and [“State” #3] (XX%).

      b) ELSE IF Reporting Line or (Budget) Business Unit doesn’t equal or contain “West”, THEN:

      => The top three Cities with the most sales were [“City” #1] (XX%), [“City” #2] (XX%), and [“City” #3] (XX%).


      Can someone help me with the solution.