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    Dates ( Last Week, Month to Date, & Quarter) all on the same Dashboard




      Needed some urgent help.


      I have Sales data with individual dates for each Team. (Attached Workbook can help to understand better)


      I have to show everything in one Chart like below:




      Problem: I am unable to do so because my filters for dates are different for each of these 3 sheets - Last Week, MTD, Last Quarter respectively. Is there a way I can have them all in one Chart? Should I make parameters? How do I approach this challenge?

      Also, This is more of a manual process to change the weekly dates (including monthly & QTR). Can we make this automatic? Which functions to use? Can this be done using a parameter? If yes can you please provide some insights?


      I have a workbook attached for the same for your reference.


      Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your time & efforts to help me.