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    Is it possible to refresh a Tableau extract where the original files are stored on a local machine?

    Chris Keeney

      I have Tableau Server and Desktop 2018.1.4 and have logged in as an Admin to both. Our Tableau Server is run on AWS and all of the data is stored locally on my machine. I pull the data from our website in CSV format, do some scrubbing/cleaning using R programming, and then export it as an .xlsx file to import into the Tableau Workbooks.  My workbooks are .twb and I connect to the data source and publish it to the Tableau Server and have my workbook also connect to the server.  I have all of that working just fine.


      Now I want to update the extracts on the Server. I ran today's file through R and exported it in the same location under the same name as the original files. But when I go to refresh the extracts on the server, I get an error refreshing and can't edit data connection.


      Is it possible for me to update extracts stored on a local machine or are extract refreshes only for servers?