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    Is it possible to automatically refresh workbooks linking to an .xslx without replacing?

    Chris Keeney

      I've searched, but haven't found a solid answer. We don't have a data warehouse at my company yet. Currently, we have daily .csv's that I scrub using R and export as an .xlsx named "Workbook Data".


      The only way I can get the workbook to update is to add the new data source, replace the old data source, and delete the old data source. When I do this, sometimes Tableau changes the formatting of columns (dates not reading as dates), which messes up my custom calculations and so I have to go in and manually change them. Process can take 30-40 min a day and is pretty tedious. I assume I'm doing something wrong.


      This is our main data source, so would have multiple workbooks connected to it.


      Is there a way I can replace the original .xlsx data with the current .xlsx? Ideally, I'd like to set it up on a schedule. We don't have a server to host files, but since I'm the only one managing for now, I was thinking putting the .xlsx file on my computer and running a schedule to update the workbook at say 10am every day. I just don't know how to do that or if it is possible. Using Tableau Desktop and Server 2018.1.4