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    Divide each row by a total from another connection

    Robertino Bonora

      Hey guys i have the next question:


      I have a calculated field that is something like this:


      CASE [Category]

      WHEN '1' THEN   

           IF Sales <= 100 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END

      WHEN '2' THEN   

           IF Sales <= 100 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END




      With a lot more of others options of category but all with the same if condition. My problem is that i have another connection with a table that has 10 rows and a column that is named SLA with this values (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) ok?


      Well what i want to do is in the case to compare in each IF condition something like this IF Sales <= 55 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END being 55 the sum of the 10 rows in the second connection.


      This is possible? how can i solve this??


      So, what i'm expecting is:


      - Inside the [Detail] calculated field im using a parameter to see SLA stages or SLA acum, in this case what is giving me troubles is SLA acum so focus on this one

      - SLA_Acum uses the parameter SLA and the [I/O_ACUM] calculated field, please focus on this one, here i want to replace the number 103 that im using in every IF condition. I wanna to put there the total of SLA that can be obtain from the secondary connection called "SLA" and using the column called SLA, the sum of all the rows in this column that gives me the total of 102 (Sheet 2)