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    Percent Difference From table calculation issues


      So going back to the RED problem:


           1) RED I have a workbook that on the Summary by Examiner page (second dashboard), I find some % calculations do not display when the first month of a two month comparison has no values.  I looked at the calculation and it's using zn for the lookup (ex: (ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])) - LOOKUP(ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])), -1)) from Overall New Claims % by Examiner sheet.  How do I fix this calculation?  Is there no way around the problem?  It seems like there should be a way to have a calculation show an increase from zero.





      Also, I noticed that when there's a percent decrease more than 100%, it doesn't display it.  My boss wants to see -600% instead of -100% although I can theorize why it's displayed that way.  Any solutions?  

      600 percent issue.png

      Thank you so much.