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    Rank/Index in Hierarchy

    Eleonor Hellblom



      I have a hierarchy in a table with Measure Names/Values and broken down by year.

      I am trying to sort these descending by one of the measures [Profit] and as you drill-down in the hierarchy I would like the sort to stay and display/repeat the value in all rows - so not the standard drill down Tableau does and more like a classic excel sheet.

      The goal is to show the most profitable [Category/Sub-Category/Manufacturer] combination and allowing the user to drill up and down, and not having it sorted [The most profitable Category/The most profitable Sub-Category in that Category/...etc].


      I have attached an example workbook where it is kind of what I want - but I am unable to drill up/down as the computing dimension is not longer in the view when you drill, as well how do I make it compute over 2016/the latest year?


      Thank you in advance