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    Dashboard sizes

    Mihail Mitev

      Hi everyone,


      I'd like to start by saying I'm relatively new to Tableau and I am still exploring all the different possibilities that the application has. I am in the process of developing dashboards and I was wondering how could I control their sizes/whether or not they are "scrollable" when published. In the picture I have attached a table that one could scroll, but what I would like to have on my published Dashboards is the same table in full size (without the scroll bars on the sides) and some stuff underneath it.




      ^ This is what I currently have in my workbook. I whould like to achieve the below picture layout in my published Dashboard.


      Does anyone know how could I do this? I thought I would have to use either Horizontal or Vertical objects to achieve it, but so far I haven't had any luck.


      Any help is much appreciated