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    Extract Not Found

    Thomas Gad

      I am using Tableau 10.5.2 Desktop. I'm experiencing issues with a particular extract disconnecting or 'disappearing' from the dashboard and its location on my local-pc.  Here is the pop-up box


      The dashboard has two data sources, one, a live connection to the said extract on my local-pc and another, a live connection to the previous extract but published on tableau server. Currently, all views in the dashboard are connected to the extract published on tableau server (as shown below).

      This happens when editing the dashboard from desktop, then when publishing the workbook to server the error 'Extract not Found is generated'. This has consecutively been happening for a while now, till its becoming a nuisance. I could probably just regenerate the extract but its >20 million rows and normally creating it takes not less than 6 hours. I have other workbooks that use a similar data source layout (one local extract and one published extract) and these have no issue. To note, the extracts, TWBXs on the pc are stored in a permanent location.


      I've gone through some similar discussions on the forum and still not stumbled upon an answer. Hopefully, ill find some help.