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    Tracking averages

    Adrian Holguin

      Hello fellow Tableau fanatics.  We have purchased tableau 10.5 and are now being given some ideas that want to be tracked utilizing this great new product.  It's been a while before someone came down and showed us a few things so I will probably rely heavily on the community for help as my managers come up with new things to track.


      Our latest project is wanting to track the average time cargo sits here at our location.  I have provided 2 different days worth of data that is automatically sent to me daily at a certain time.  Primarily we are focusing on the APOD (destination), the PRI (priority of the cargo), and the PHT (Port hold time).  Each month we have to provide the average port hold that we have but makes it difficult trying to get these totals as each hour the PHT increases.  I will be pulling these reports daily at the same time so if a piece does not leave, a TCN will be duplicated with a higher PHT on the latest report.  A cool feature would be to highlight over a PHT or other point and have it show the detail of each TCN.  For Example:  If the final product shows that KWA has an average PHT of 500, if I hover over it then I can see what TCN is associated with that location.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am eager to learn and excited as these new ideas start flowing.  Also, how would I saved these files as to make it easier for others to maintain this product (drag and drop and Tableau does the rest)