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    Cohort/Attrition analysis

    Elie Rahi

      I would like to do a cohort analysis of our website users from the date signed up, attached spreadsheet. I have two tables: one of users and the other of logins with User ID to link.


      We have defined a user to be non-active if there are no logins made within the last 4 months.


      I'm looking for a graphic something along the lines like the one below that is segmented by state.



      This tells us that at sign-up (month 0) 100% of users are active then over time this proportion reduces as more and more users become non-active. After 24 months of sign up only 15-35% of the users remain active depending on the state etc. The example above is segmented by state. Was hoping, if the functionality in Tableau permits it, to change the segmentation to age group or some other discrete factor at the click of a button. I've seen radio buttons on the side of a visual like below, where users can make a single selection.