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    How to get the filters of the linked data after apply filter

    Kevin Xu

      Hi,  I want to apply filter by JavaScript API, and get the filters return the data after the change, but now I find that the value I got after applying the filter cannot be correlated.  when I apply the filter, the get filter only changed the current content. I want to achieve the linkage between multiple filters.



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          Man Tsui

          Hi Kevin,


          Try wrapping the getFilterAsync() or getData() inside the applyFilterAsync using "then" promise


          // Filter the specified dimension to the specified value(s)

          function setFilterTo(vizName, sheetName, filterName, values) {

               var sheet = vizName.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().getWorksheets().get(sheetName);

              sheet.applyFilterAsync(filterName, values, tableau.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE).then( function(field){





          Promise Class

          Represents a promise to return a value from an asynchronous method in the future. The Tableau JavaScript API implements the Promises/A specification.



          Return Type


          then(callback: Function, errback: Function)


          Creates a link in the asynchronous callable chain. The callback function is called on success. The errbackfunction is called when there is an error. Both parameters are optional.