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    How to do Row Level Security with multiple dimensions using OR

    Caite Stevens

      Hi all,


      I'm stumped with RLS. I've successfully implemented it based on a single dimension. If you're this user and you have privileges on a dimension, you can see that data. No problem.


      But I have multiple dimensions, and I need it to be an OR situation.


      For example, show the user all data where he matches Dimension 1, Dimension 2, or Dimension 3. My current security table stops after Dimension 1.


      Column A is my user, and Columns B, C, D, are my three dimensions. And my calculation is simply USERNAME()=[User]


      I think I need a different calculation column to help me, but I can't figure out what that calculation should be. Any help is much appreciated.


      Thank you!


      What my security table looks like, below. I want Mike to see anything in Michigan, with Mary as an Assistant, or in Tier A. I think I have this part right, it's just my calculation that has issues. It's currently showing Mike everything in Michigan, but not where Mary is the Assistant or where the client is Tier A, unless they also happen to be in Michigan.

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