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    Allowing users to select and unselect  multiple measures in the dashboard dynamically

    Lohith kumar

      Hi ,



      i am having almost 25 columns which includes dimensions and measures , client wants to create the table , as per tableau we cant show more than 16 columns in the table.

      so i placed 12 dimensions in rows shelf  and placed "Measure Names" in column shelf .

      i am showing "Measure Names as a filter in dashboard with multiple values selection , so user can select and un select the measures.

      After creating the table user wants to expor the table to csv, i have added .csv at the end of the url to export to csv while exporting to csv the column orders are changing and measure headers are coming in a column, not coming as row headers.


      issue1: is there any way to give the multiple measure values selection , (i tried with parameter but i need to give the multiple selection )

      issue2: exporting to csv measure names are not coming as row headers because i am using  measure names in columns shelf.



      Any one faced the same issue .