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    Data structure and Filters

    Duri Allie

      Hi everyone


      I am new to Tableau, hope you can assist me.


      I have these two files:

      1. Headcount (HC)
      2. Termination File


      Attached is my .twbx file as well.


      I am trying to work out labor turnover but having some data/formula/filter issues.


      In my headcount (HC) file I have start headcount and end headcount again each profit centre (CC or cost centre).

      Then I have my termination or leavers file but detailed per employee by assignment category and profit centre etc.


      In my example I am using the HC file and Its profit centre, as I do not want to lose my headcount, and I brought in the Termination numbers to each profit centre.


      When I add a filter and and deselect my Casuals, Contractors and seasonal employees from the termination file, I only want the Actual Termination numbers to update and keep the full headcount compliment.


      My current calculation is as follows:

      220 (actual terminations) / 295 (average headcount) = 74.5%


      If I deselect from my filter (Casuals, Contractors and seasonal employees) I get actual terminations of 126 but I am seeking the below result.

      126 / 295 = 42.7%


      However currently when I deselect those options it changes my AVG HC to 282, then it takes 129 / 282 = 44.7%


      What am I doing wrong? or is there a better way to blend the data in excel?





      Thank you in advance... hope the above explanation makes sense.