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    Calculating specific data within field

    wc chua



      I would like to ask some questions regarding to calculating of field function.

      I have a set of vehicle datas, model (a,b,c,d,e) that consist of different mode(0,2,4,8) that runs on different days in different month

      So the context is that every car will definitely runs mode 0.

      Only some of the vehicle will use mode 2 (which will definitely run mode 0 in between somehow)


      So if i were to have a graph, there will be 5 vehicle running in mode 0, of which, 3 vehicle will also be running in mode 2. The graph will then show me that mode 0 consist of 5 car and mode 2 consist of 3 car.

      I would like to ask if there is any ways for me to calculate the difference to get the number of cars running purely on mode 0?

      Due to confidential materials, i am not able to upload any thing.

      The vehicle data are in string and the mode is in numbers.