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    Viz Tooltip

    Xihuan Niu

      Hello Everyone,

      I have a question about the Viz Tooltip and hope someone from the community could help me with that. I want to show the Running um of the monthly net flows for each fruit category. Ideally, a continuous year to date line. Right now it's just showing as an individual dot.

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          Robert Janezic

          Hello Xihuan,


          The reason it's doing that is due to the fact you're hovering over apple and may. Meaning it's filtering for apple and may. You could potentially only filter on one of the dimensions and not both. See below for an example of how to do something like that.


          Place your cursor within the filter value (filter="<place cursor here>"), and then click the Insert menu to select an available field. Or, manually replace the <All Fields> value with the name of a field in the view. For example:

          <Sheet name="Tooltip: Profit by Sub-Category" maxwidth="300" maxheight="500" filter="<State>">

          You can also filter more than one selected field by separating the field names with a comma. For example:

          <Sheet name="Tooltip: Profit by Sub-Category" maxwidth="300" maxheight="500" filter="<Country>,<State>">

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            Deepak Rai

            Try Taking Out Filter from Syntex

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              Xihuan Niu

              Hi Deepak,

              Thank you for the quick response. Can you be a little bit more specific about which Snytex you want me to remove?

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                Xihuan Niu

                Hi Rob,

                Thanks for the comprehensive answer. I got some improvements right here. I'm wondering if it's possible to just show the Year to select month's running total instead of the entire 7 months information in the line chart?

                (For example, if I select April Apple then it only show the apple's running total income till April).


                Really appreciate your help!

                Sally Xihuan Niu