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    Set field default format in Tableau Prep

    Scott Henry

      Hello - my goal is to format my numbers before pivoting my survey data.


      It seems like in Tableau Prep, it would be reasonable to format a field. Is this not possible? I need to pivot my data (survey data), but I need to have it pre-formatted, since writing the formatting after pivoting would be a huge pain.


      I don't see any option to provide default data types and formats in Tableau Prep.


      Please add this! Or let me know if I'm just missing something.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Scott

          don't know exactly yo are looking for but you do have some options






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            Scott Henry

            Thanks Jim! I'm definitely still learning Prep, so this is helpful to know. I know it's relatively easy to change the data type, but in this case, I need to change the number format.


            The issue is that once I pivot the questions into rows with a single column with all the responses, I no longer have the ability to easily group or format the responses.


            Like I have a question on the survey, 'Salary', which ideally gets a currency format. I guess when I pivot, I might lose the format anyhow?

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              Jim Dehner

              OK couple of points


              first have you ever reviewed the video that Steve Wexler did on preparing survey data for analysis in tableau - it was excellent  Think Data Thursday: Jump Start Visualizing Your Survey Data Using Tableau



              second when using Tableau prep you don't necessarily have to pivot all the data at one time - i.e. you are not limited to a single pivot -

              that may or may not come into play with your data set -


              finally I have seen a lot of post lately where users are planning on using Prep to do the analysis (not say that is true in your case)  Prep is designed to clean and reshape data for use in Tableau where all the calculation and formatting functions are available


              good luck