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    Problems in obtaining results by grand total

    Sebastian  Arboleda

      I had difficulty generating the grand total of a consolidated expense information, I will relate the case more detail so that you can help me analyze what may be the cause.



      I have created the following calculated field:


      • Saldo_COP


      IF  ISNULL (SUM([Hoja1 (ConsolGast)].[Realcop]))




      SUM([Realcop])+SUM([Hoja1 (ConsolGast)].[Realcop])




      This calculation if it finds null value brings the value from the realcop field. On the contrary, it performs the operation


      Total USD


      [Saldo_Cop]/(ATTR([Tasa (TasaCambio)].[Tasa]))


      error 2 tableau.png


      Use the result of calculated field (Saldo_Cop) and divides it by the data provided in the "tasaCambio" source. There he performs the conversion of pesos to USD per month. The problem is that he performs the calculation by columns but not by rows. I could analyze that generates field-level calculations either columns, rows but do not realize it.