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    Email Subscription - Add Tracking Pixel


      Tableau Developers,


      I have a request.

      Somehow we want to edit the subscription auto-email that goes out every morning to all the users.


      Before sending it, we need to do add an email tracking pixel (1 pixel size image) to be embedded in the body of email.

      This will help to generate info for each email that was sent out such as (whether it was Read or Unread or Fwd or User's geo-location... blah blah...)


      Can we add email tracker image via the Rest api ?

      I saw a code here: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/help.htm#REST/rest_api_ref.htm#Update_Subscription


         <subscription id="subscription-id" subject="subscription-subject">

           <content id="content-id" type="content-type" />

           <schedule id="schedule-id" name="schedule-name" />

           <user id="user-id" name="user-name" />




      Is it possible to add our email tracker image in the email body before its delivered?

      if so how?


      add your votes here: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/9262