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    Split dimension question

    Jess Anastasia

      Hello everyone!


      Looking for some help with an issue that I have. I've tried several things but not having much luck. Looking for advice on how to best approach this.


      I have a data source that looks like the below. It currently is an Excel worksheet, but I'm working on getting this data into a database but it will still look the same.


      Support IDProductsQuotesLocations
      SID001Product1; Product214
      SID002Product2; Product422
      SID004Product3; Product436


      What is the best way to split the products column? I know that it would be preferable to have "tall" data as opposed to "wide" data, but if I create multiple rows to break out the products then the Quotes and Locations column gets counted multiple times, which will inflate those numbers. If I split the column, how should I combine them to create one Product column to use for Product trends?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      I've attached a sample workbook. I'm using 10.4.1.