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    Table calc problem - Viz to find customers within n miles of zip

    Marcia Miller

      Hi all.  I'm working on a Viz to identify customers within n miles of a venue.  To get started, I identified a Viz on the web that would provide most of what I need.  It still needs to be tweaked to answer the questions that I want, but I was hoping that once I created the Viz I would be able to tweak as needed.  The problem is that I was not able to re-create the Viz.  It apparently was created in an older version of Tableau and the way table calculations are used was a bit different from current versions.  I'm using 2018-2.  Here's the link to the original Viz I'm trying to replicate:  Tableau Viz: Customers within N miles radius | Business Analytics and Marketing Strategy Blog by Delve Partners .   I'm attaching the file with the Viz I created using the Sample Superstore data.  The problem I'm having is that when I place the Zip Code Filter on the Viz, the map disappears for many of the zip codes I select, or just the selected zip code appears and not the customers located within n miles of the zip.  I've been working on this for over a week so any help I can get is greatly appreciated.