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    Help Please!  Does anyone know how to make an axis dynamic, but unified across different worksheets

    Adrienne Tiley-Lerner

      Hi Tableau family!


      I have a small issue at work. I have a mandate to show data from 3 different sources with the same axes ranges.  The twist is that I need the axes range to change when filters are applied, BUT the axes across all worksheets must remain the same.


      I've used Superstore as an example. Imagine that it is not possible to display every product category in one worksheet.  To make the axes the same, I just used fixed axes.  I got a view similar to axes screenshot 1.


      However, when I apply a filter to segment, such as 'home office' like I did in Axes Screenshot 2, the axes range is too big. Is there any way for tableau to automatically adjust the ranges to say, -50K to 100K, across all three worksheets?


      If I use any of the axes options enabled in in tableau, each window's axes is what is best suited for that window, and they no longer line up. I've attached a packaged workbook illustrating the problem.


      Thanks for any help you can provide!