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    Labels as Calculated Field... question

    jon rios

      is there a way to create a calculated field and make it a measure WITHOUT aggregating. or make a string label a continuous measure with SUM and it aggregation?


      i am creating a calc field for labels that converts integers into strings, my problem is it converts the calc field into a dimension which break up my field into multiple parts.  I would like it to stay as a MEASURE but NOT aggregate itself. 



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          meenu choudhary

          Hi Jon,


          Could you please explain with a sample data on what you are expecting??

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            jon rios

            a label on top with 1 value.


            tha problem is i cam creating labels in calc field because of the parameters whcih dont accept the default number formatting.  there bar charts are based on a dimension that is filtered.  the calc field for labels is a string in order to get the % sign after the formatting.


            because it is saved as a dimension , it break the values into both filter values.

            if i convert this calc field for labels into a measure, the only option i get is a count, count distinct, min, max


            if i could convert this string  calc field into a measure WITHOUT any aggregation, that would be perfect.  Or convert it to a discrete measure with a SUM aggregation, that would be perfect.