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    Tableau Reader Dashboard Size Issue

    Rachana Parmar

      Hi All,


      I am new to using Reader (yh....).


      Dashboard are created using fixed size. They are looking very well on a high level resolution monitor and not bad when some scrolling on a less resolution monitor, when opened from Tableau Desktop.


      But...but..same dashboards, when viewed from Reader, they have shrunk. It seems that reader is completely ignoring fixed size of dashboards and turning them into miniature versions (looks like 800X600 version).


      Is this expected behavior of Reader or am I missing something?


      Dashboards were developed using 10.5 and Reader version is 2018.1.


      Reiterating that from Tableau Desktop (on different resolution screens) dashboards are looking fine. But, open the same using Reader and it gets weird.


      What's going on? Please help.


      Edit: It seems that main problem is with font size. Font size of 10 in Desktop looks like 12 in Reader causing issues like text disappearing and numbers turning into #########. Even on same machine. Why does reader do this? All dashboards have fixed size.


      Any help is really appreciated.