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    Sort Set by Rank

    Armin Rauscher



      I have a question to sort my bar chart according a rank function but on the one side i can not get Others to the last rank and on the other side i dont see my calculated field Rank in the sorting field options.

      My bar chart should be descending sorted but Others on the last position.


      Can anyone help me on this?


      thanks, Armin



      I try to upload a new Tableau file with an extract of the data.

      Furthermore, i will explain in more detail what i am searching for.


      I have the field MsgText which contains different Text. I want to count the occurence of each text. The next step is to visualize only the top 20 (or top N) counts, therefore i have created a Parameter called "Top N". The next one is that i want to put all other text counts which are not in the Top N to "Others". Therefore i have created a set called "Set_Top N_Count_MsgText" and this will bring all counts to in within Top N and the others to out. With this set i made a calculated field called "MsgText_with_Others" and with the calc


      If [Set_Top N_Count_MsgText]
      then [MsgText]
      ELSE "Others"


      This is also working fine, but now i come into troubles. The Others bar/count is on the second place, but i want to bring it to the last place in the bar chart.


      bar with others.PNG