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    Underlying data is Null while connecting Essbase with Tableau Desktop.

    Harshit Arora

      Hi All,


      I have successfully connected tableau desktop with Oracle Essbase through the native connector in tableau. Version details :


      Tableau Desktop version: 2018.2.0

      Essbase version:

      I am also able to see the metadata when I connect to the Essbase server on the data source page.


      Problem Statement :

      when I drag the measure/ dimensions on the sheet or apply filters on them the value on the sheet is Null/0.

      I have also checked at the Essbase level that there is already underlying data through Essbase smart view but I am not able to see any value apart from metadata on the sheet.


      This is getting tricky now. Appreciate if anyone can help on the same.


      There is not much information available on the internet when it comes to the Essbase connectivity.


      Harshit Arora