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    calculate % of sum total with base as the first number

    Atishi Goyal



      I want to calculate the % of every month with respect to the first month as my base number so that the % always in 1st month is 100%

      View1: This is my cohort, for september 2015 with revenue in decreasing order from september 2015 to december 2015


      rev numbers.PNG


      View 2:


      rev %.PNG


      This is my % of total, which should be 100% for september 2015 as the calculation must be 82493/82493 = 100%, 39615/82493 = 48% and so on, but when I use the table calculation percent of total it sums up all
      Sum = 82493+39615+35908+771 = 158787 and does the calculation  82493/158787 = 51.95%.


      Please let me know the workaroud here.


      Emmanuel Ikehi can you help me out in this.