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    Row Level Number Formatting for Grand Total Column (WoW % Diff)

    Simon Zhang

      I've attached a workbook--I'm hoping you can have a look to see what I'm looking to achieve. I've also attached a SS below: Thank you in advance for your time.



      Where i'm running into issues is where I'm displaying currency as well as unit measures in the same page. I'm not able to get a consistent format in the grand total column which I've renamed "WoW % Difference." You can see how it gets aggravating when you are displaying revenue in the millions and have to include 2 decimal places in the number formatting to get 2 decimal places in the % difference column. If I want to display a "$" for the measurement, the same "$" gets appended to the WoW % Difference cell.


      Is there anyway I can have the number formatting set on a different granularity at the row level for the grand total? Tableau used to offer the ability to have independent number formatting for the grand total (per the earlier messages in the thread) but now it's done away with.


      Please advise!


      Shinichiro Murakami