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    Fixed Computations across different Rows (Row order not guaranteed) -- Possible?

    Thomas Rones

      I want to calculate the change in market share for products.


      My idea was:


      -Get the row where the offset date = the date in the other row
      -Now subtract the market share value in offset date row from the market share value in our date row,


      but this didnt work.


      Note: There will normally be more than two months, this is a mockup.



      I know I can do this in the datasource, but having this capability in Tableau would make life so much easier.


      The problem is that i don't really understand how calculations are evaluated. I understand the query pipeline, and how the calculations work, but I am unable to understand why this doesn't work. It would be great to be able to do non-view dependent (materialized) calculations where we can decide which rows to use.