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    Tableau Dashboards embedded on SharePoint 2013 don't load Tableau resources on Internet Explorer

    Binit Kumar

      I have tableau dashboards embedded inside SharePoint 2013 as an iFrame in a visual web part.

      The dashboards and especially the filters (radio button and checkbox images) are loaded without issues and consistently in Google chrome.


      However, in IE 11 we see sporadic issues where the (/img/radio_button_empty_disabled.svg and /img/checkbox_empty_hover.svg) don't load when a page containing the embedded dashboards is loaded.


      I have already included the setting in the page to load the page always as IE compatibility as 'Edge' mode.


      Here are the specifics:

      SharePoint Version- SharePoint 2013

      Tableau Version- Tableau Server 2018.2

      IE Version- Internet Explorer 11


      Below image show the images loaded correctly on the Tableau server interface:



      Below image shows that the images not loading successfully on embedded page: