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    SAML with Tableau Desktop

    Saif Jamadar

      Hello All,


      I have question about Tableau SAML. I am having trouble in login usin SAML through Tableau Desktop but I can successfully login through web browsers.


      I have applied tabadmin set wgserver.authentication.desktop_nosaml true settings in Tableau Server. This will give me an prompt for username and password, but after entering credential it showing invalid username and password.


      How the authenticaion will work if we use above settings?


      Please advise.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi Saif,


          Check to see if the Tableau Server configuration option  "wgserver.authentication.desktop_nosaml" is set to "true".  You can do this by using the following steps.


          1. Log in to the machine hosting Tableau Server as a local administrator, and open a command line interface with the "Run as Administrator" option.


          2. Navigate to the \bin\ folder, located under the main Tableau Server installation directory.


          3.  Run the command  "tabadmin get wgserver.authentication.desktop_nosaml".  This should return either "true" or "false".  If it is "true", use steps  4~7  to change that setting.


          4.  If the Tableau Server is running, use the command "tabadmin stop".


          5.  Run "tabadmin set wgserver.authentication.desktop_nosaml false" to enable SAML authentication for Tableau Desktop.


          6. Run "tabadmin config" to finalize the settings changes.


          7. Run "tabadmin start"