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    Custom Mapping in Tableau

    David McLaughlin

      I've recently been looking into Tableau as a way to visually show the prevalence of Lifeguard rescues throughout a waterpark, specifically within specific zones of multiple pools.


      I'm very new to the program and while the tutorial videos showcase how to use the program on predefined maps, I'm not finding much on using the program for non-geographical purposes. I would like to be able to showcase different levels of activity based items such as time of day, time of year, temperature, and as well as the type of rescue/medical condition experienced in a quantifiable map and graph. Can somebody points me in the right direction of how I may be able to accomplish this with Tableau?

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi David,

          I'm not sure what your data looks like or how you were thinking of assessing the patterns, but some places to start might be:

          Use Background Images in Your Views  - if you want to put rescue locations for the waterpark on a map-like viz, you could use a background image of the waterpark and locate the rescues to align on the image.  You would need to assign a coordinate system to the rescue locations so they would be placed in the right location on the image.


          In terms of showcasing different patterns by linking up attributes in different vizes or by filtering the dataset, you might want to look at ways to make dashboards (Create a Dashboard ), set up actions between different worksheets on an action (Actions ), and filtering in Tableau (Filter Data from Your Views ).


          These are the first thoughts that come to mind with places to start exploring Tableau with your data.



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            Peter Fakan

            Hi David,


            Even if you can upload an image of your pool we'll be able to show you the basic concepts.