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    TABLE SERVER REFRESH - Why its not what you think it is ?

    Srikant Ramabadran

      I did this and it failed miserably


      I was struggling with an issue for several days . My excel in a shared drive will never be reflected to  the associated tableau workbook (except on the day when I first published ) .  I thought an EXCEL as a data source sitting in a shared network drive is a 'live' connection and the tableau workbook in the server should access this directly . However , as you would have noticed in this scenario ( 10.1 TABLEAU is what I am using) the file is read from some temporary location . Of course you will struggle to understand whatever happened to the location you published


      Do this and it will work '


      1. Instead of live connection - make it an extract ( your excel in same shared network  drive location as before )

      2. Publish this data source and make sure to leave the check mark intact - for allowing the workbook to use this server data source

      3. This data source can be scheduled for refresh

      4. The latest file from here is always read by the server and the workbook will reflect latest data ( sitting in the shared location)

      5. You may also refresh the server workbook view if you ran an excel extract between sessions . This refresh alone has no meaning if data source was saved as LIVE


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