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    Display Previous 4 day's profit values in Hover

    Kary K

      Hi All,


      Attached is the worksheet(Version:10.3.11).


      I have date filter on the dashboard. When I choose a date in the date filter and when I hover over the Profit values, I want to display the profit for the previous 4 days as well in the hover like below

      i.e when i select 12/29/2017 in the date filter, i want to display the profit for 12/29/2017, profit for 12/28/2017, profit for 12/27/2017, profit for 12/26/2017, profit for 12/25/2017


      I'm using the version 10.3.11. My organization didn't upgrade the server to a higher version. I know the tooltip  has an advanced option in 10.5.


      Is it possible to display the previous 4 days values WITHOUT using a date parameter(I need to use the date filter only as my dashboard needs to be defaulted to current day and that's possible only if i use the date filter )


      Please let me know if there is a solution to this.