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    Difference % from the first

    Joaquín Chemile



      I want to recreate each grey bar in separately Tabs:



      But I cant compute a Tablea calculation in the Pill:




      Shoud I create a calculation with a LOD expressions?

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Joaquín,


          If i understand you correctly, you may want

          to put each Step on a distinct worksheet,

          then combine them all on a 'Sankey' dashboard --

          together with some other ('flow') worksheets in between.


          For that you'd like to have all Steps (Dimension Values)

          on a view unfiltered, and use a Table Calculation Filter instead.


          Please find the attached w/mods.

          Hope it could help.




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            Joaquín Chemile

            Excellent! How did you make the filter?

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              Yuriy Fal

              Edit in-place.


              Create a new pill right on a view -- for example,

              by double-clicking in Rows / Columns / Details --

              then write a calculation and hit Enter.


              The calculation itself is rather simple:


              It is a Table Calculation, and as a Filter,

              it is effectively hiding the Marks on a view --

              not filtering them out -- thus preserving

              any other Table Calculation based logic.


              To have this calculation as a distinct Pill in the schema,

              simply Ctrl-drag a copy from the Filter shelf to the Measures.


              Hope it could help understanding.




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