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    Data Source Path keeps reverting to temp

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello all,


         I am running Tableau Desktop locally as well as a cloud Tableau Server instance.  For my flat files and locally updated extracts (through Tableau Prep) that have a LIVE connection, I have the file paths recreated in my cloud instance as they appear on my local machine.  (I.e. C:/Files/Tableau_Data_Sources on both machines).  My current workflow for these non-refreshed extracts (I have scheduled refresh extracts on Server that work like a charm) is to do all my updating and modifying on my local machine and then copy and paste the entire folder ...Tableau_Data_Sources from my local machine onto the cloud instance.  Outside of being slightly manual due to the current nature of Tableau Prep, I have not encountered any problems with this process.


      Where I am encountering problems recently, however, is when I open up a packaged workbook in Desktop on the local machine.  I am not sure if this is a setting problem or has to do with Tableau Prep but when i open the workbook, all the data sources are on temporary paths instead of their respective grounded paths to the local version of ....Tableau_Data_Sources.  The temporary paths look like this:

      Tableau Temp path.PNG

      It should look like this:

      Tableau Data Sources Path.PNG

      The reason this is annoying is that I have a local workflow of getting different sets of updated data that I plug into Tableau Prep and run the respective flows which puts the newly Prepped data into the Tableau_Data_Sources file.

      I should be able to just run Prep and copy/paste the Tableau_Data_Sources file into the cloud instance and be done with updating.  That is not working and I cannot tell if there is a problem with how Prep is outputting, the file path setup, or anything else.


      Has anyone else encountered anything similar to this?