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    Change Default Colors for Automatic Palette Option? (Desktop 10.5.4)

    Tucker Plumlee

      I've done some poking around and I haven't been able to find an answer to this question. Attached workbook (a simplified version of the visualization) has examples of what I am talking about.


      I am wondering whether it is possible to change the default colors for the Automatic color palette option? If not, hopefully someone has a better workaround to solve the issue I am trying to address.


      I have a heat map using a parameter/calculated field to select among bunch of different measures of various types ($, %, integers, etc.). I've tried various coloring options and the Automatic palette seems to work the best as it adjusts to the range of data for each measure most appropriately, switching between sequential and diverging depending on whether there are negative values. However, I would also like to use colors from our organization's brand since this will be a public-facing dashboard.


      As far as I can tell, when you try selecting a different color using Automatic, it switches to the Custom Sequential/Diverging options. The problem with a Custom Sequential palette is that negative values (when they are present) aren't shown as clearly (see "Sequential" tab), and the Custom Diverging palette will automatically adjust the Center. If I fix the Center at zero, however (see "Diverging" tab), that basically sets it as the Start value across all measures, which causes a loss in detail of shading for some of them (compare, for example, Average Salary, which is more uniform with the Custom Diverging palette).


      I appreciate any and all help!!