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    How to show data in percentages and show values with different color

    Ayush Rastogi

      I have created below visualization where data is shown as number of pass and fail counts.


      But I want to create visualization something like below, where if I change the timestamp date range data will be re-calculated as


           Number of pass count / Sum(Pass and fail count) * 100


      For ex : Consider Products component for Build environment as shown in above figure, calculation should be done like (74/144 * 100) = 51.4


      Also I want to show percentage values in dashboard along with different color.

      If pass percentage is >80 show in Green Colour.

      If pass percentage is <80 but >60 show in Yellow Colour.

      If pass percentage is <60 show in Red Colour.


      Please let me know if anyone can help. I have attached .twbx file.