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    I can't upload an extract made form Salesforce

    Lachezar Blagoev



      I am experiencing the following issue:


      1. I used Tableau to connect to my organization's instance of Salesforce

      2. Made a left join between two tables, and made a Tableau Extract (live connection was disabled for me for some reason) - roughly 300k records

      3. I created a couple of visualizations

      4. I tried uploading the workbook and data source to the server, with embedded credentials to connect to SF

      5. Almost immediately got the following error message


      SF issue.PNG


      I tried redoing this without the join - with just one table and same error came up again. I am currently set as Site admin, but am not the Tableau Server admin. Is this a problem with the connection to Salesforce, with the Extract, or with the Server settings? I'd be grateful for any suggestions here.