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    4 week running averages compared with weekly Sales

    Mihail Mitev

      Hi all,


      I have run into a bit of a problem. I am currently trying to calculate 4 week running average calculations (lots of them) for different KPIs including YoY for the 4 weeks this year.

      My data  looks like the one I have attached and I want to create a calculated field that would show for example running 4 week average YoY.  I need it to be a calculated field and not a filter because of the way I present my data - departments on rows and calculated fields (such as YoY, Inflation, Comp YoY etc) on columns.


      And the last thing I need the calculation to do is to include the last 4 FULL weeks - in other words to exclude the latest few days of data if the week isn't finished.


      I am really stuck here, so any help is much appreciated.