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    Aggregate by type

    Alexey Virov

      Hello everyone.

      Been playing with Tableau for a week, and it looks like a great tool, yet the learning curve is still high above me.


      I have a dataset like this




      I need to make a bar chart where every column represents the sum of values from value column by custom logic. That is:


      Bar1 = SUM([value of Field1], [value of Field2], [value of Field3], [value of Field...])

      Bar2 = SUM([value of Field2], [value of Field3], [value of Field...])

      Bar3 = SUM([value of Field3], [value of Field...])

      Bar... = SUM([value of Field...])


      What would be the best way to achieve that? I created a bunch of calculated fields, but that looks like a mess to work with. Is it possible to do with just one calculated field or some other approach?