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    Calculate periods when combining weekly and bi-weekly data

    Mariska Maessen

      For a report I have to calculate the difference between the value of the last period (week) and the period before.

      This was no problem when we collected data on a weekly basis, since then I used weekdiff and showed the latest 5 weeks and the difference between them.


      However, since recently I get bi-weekly data (we only measure once in the two weeks). Therefore, I cannot use weekdiff anymore, since then the latest 5 weeks have some missing data.

      I added a short example with the weeknumbers.


      Ideally instead of weekdiff I would use another calculation that would not count actual weeks but weeks we have measured, so that it does not skip weeks.

      For example if we have data of week 42, the data of week 40 is one measurement period before and not 2 periods (weeks).


      Any idea how I can solve this?