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    Easiest way to embed on a company website behind a custom authorization

    Chris Keeney

      So I'm pretty new to Tableau (3 weeks) and work for a small tech startup. We have keys for Tableau Desktop and use Tableau server. I have been tasked with finding the quickest way to embed a Tabeeau Dashboard to our website.


      We have our own custom authorization for our website. I want the client to log-in, click a link that says "Executive Dashboard" which takes them to a page that has the dashboard. I have a workbook that we update weekly, and have everything hidden except for the main story. I want the client to be able to use the functionality of the dashboard, but sort of a view/read only without having access to the actual workbook. I saw there's a link for embedding on Tableau server, but not sure if that's all I would need (and all the JavaScript or HTML customization to go with it).


      Questions regarding embedding:

      • Is there a special type of license I need for the client to view it?
        • Do I need one per client log-in or will one suffice since it's one "group" of viewers
      • Does it have to be an admin who creates the workbook or can an explorer publish it and an admin embed it?
      • Will it work the way I want it to behind the custom authentication of our website?


      I'm also having another issue with updating data. Right now, we get a .csv from our website, which I run through a script in R to clean up and make some custom calculations. I then export it to an .xlsx file that is uploaded to the dashboard. When I rerun the code, it overwrites the current "Workbook Data.xlsx". But when I open up Tableau, it doesn't pull in the new rows or columns. I've tried this with both a "live" and extract".  The only solution I've found is to add the new data source, replace the old data source, and remove the old data source. Then when I do this, sometimes the columns change their class (Date's aren't recognized as dates, strings are showing up as numerical) which screws up my custom calculations. So the whole process takes 20-30 minutes because it's a large file.


      How can I automate this process? I've tried publishing the data source to Tableau server and still have to do the replace method. Eventually we will have a server to connect to for live updating, but was wondering if there's any quicker ways in the mean time.