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    Visualisation of data

    Artyom Malafeev

      Hi everyone!


      I have some problems with understanding how to visualize data in my data sample properly.


      So the problem is - I have a rather huge dataset with thousands of users. Each user makes some actions, time of action gets recorded et.c. In addition, each user has Tier, which is dependent on his or her balance within the application. My idea is to analyze why how and when people convert from tier to tier. I've attached a small sample of my data below.


      To do so,  I created the calculated field that stores Tier of the user during the previous action. Then I created the calculated field that compares Tier of the user during action and Tier of the user during the previous action and if Tiers are any different field returns that there was a downgrade or upgrade in Tier ( i created rather long if statement that returns from which Tier to which user upgraded or downgraded).


      The whole thing works absolutely fine when displaying it as a table, but when I try to build graph or chart I fail(miserably)


      For example, I want to build a chart that reflects how much cases of upgrading/downgrading of Tiers happened every day.


      Or I want to build a  stacked bar chart that displays how many cases of Tier upgrade or downgrade happened at all.



      I feel like I am missing something really basic but can't help it.