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    Filter by Primary, Calculate by Percentage - Data Blend

    Nic G



      Need some help and don't know where to start :-(


      I have a Summary Status field that is either 0,1,2 - I have below calculated what I need to do to get my % Success.


      Here I have created 3 Calculations


      C1 - SUM({FIXED[Server Name - Split 1]]: COUNT(IF[Summary Status] = 0 or [Summary Status]=1 then 1 end)})

      C2 - SUM({FIXED[Server Name - Split 1]: COUNT([Summary Status])})

      C3 - [C1_All Success / Partial]/[C2_All Jobs]*100



      This works great when it's the primary data source, however I need to make it work as a secondary (I'm blending on the Server name field).


      When I start to reproduce this as the secondary source I get "cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation".


      Is there any way around this, it's essential that I have the primary data source as it is, as i want to used fields in that source as a filter - it's not essential that I fix calculation to server name but that's the only way I know.



      Thanks in advance !