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    Migrate Tableau Server to new Server

    Michelle cai

      Dear all,


      I feel confuse when i migrate tableau server from A windows server to B windows server, there are mainly steps about this. It would be many appreciated if any kindly advise.


      1. In A windows server, backup tableau server(version 10.5) data
        • tabadmin stop

        • tabadmin backup tabserv.tsbak  - - copy .tsbak file to other PC

      2. In B windows server, install tableau server(version 10.5)
      3. Copy back file to tableau bin folder in B windows server
      4. Restore .tsbak file in B windows server
        • tabamdin stop
        • tabadmin restore tabserv.tsbak
        • tabadmin start


      Above steps are correct? Anything i missing or misunderstanding? Please advise~


      Also, in A windows server, there are some licenses. Should i deactivate the licenses in old tableau server, and activate the licenses in new tableau server? But i don't know when should i  do this. Before backup data? or after restore data?


      Best regards,


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Michelle,


          It can be confusing at first but part of it is understanding what makes up the backup file (*.tsbak).   Really it's a copy of the Postgres database used by Tableau Server, any extracts in use as well as the configuration (YML) files.    When you want to migrate Tableau Server you're correct in that first you do a "vanilla installation".   Then when that's setup when you do a restore you're basically dropping the "vanilla" Postgres and it copies in the one from backup file.  The restore command also retrieves your extracts from the backup file and copies those out to the correct location.  One thing to be aware of is there's also the --no-config option with the restore command.   You'll actually want to use that flag when you restore because you're migrating to different hardware and the IP addresses will be different.  When you use the --no-config option it tells the restore command restore everything *but* the configuration files.


          In regards to licensing, there's no rush to deactivate from the old server unless you might hit a "max activation" error.   Once the new server is verified up and running then it would be a good idea.  The problem we see with folks hitting the max activation error is if they setup their system on VMs and when they're done migrating, they simply delete the VMs *without* deactivating the license first.   The same can be true for Tableau Desktop.   Should you hit a "max activation" error you'll want to open a support case.

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            srikanth vadlamannati

            Hi Michelle ,


            Your step are correct. 


            But few points to remember


            1) Make sure to take screen shots for tableau server configuration setting

            2) Copy SSL and required cert on B windows server

            3) Install required ODBC Driver.

            4) if possible install server on the same path as you have in  A windows server. 

            For example: if you have installed Tableau server in A windows server on this path ( D:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server   ) Make sure it's on the same path in B windows server to match the server configuration settings.


            For Back

            tabadmin stop

            " tabadmin backup tabserv.tsbak " will take back up in the same folder where your  server is installed if you have enough space on that disk go ahead, if not go with "tabadmin backup E:\Tableau\tabserv.tsbak"


            you don't need to start the server as your installing it on other servers.


            B window server:

            Install server and when configuring the server  use the screenshots  you took earlier and apply same settings. 

            For Restore backup use -- no config as you have already configured to new server:  tabadmin restore --no-config  E:\Tableau\tabserv.tsbak  in your case  tabadmin restore --no-config path\tabserv.tsbak


            Work with you network admin to create a DSN and alias to use  same url.


            log into postgres and make sure your able to login .





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              Michelle cai

              Hi Mark


              Thanks for your kindly advise


              Also, there are some issue want to confirm with you.

              1) The configuration  in old Tableau Server want to apply to New Tableau Server. So --no -config option not need in restore command, it's right?


              2) For licenses issue, in fact i have activated the licenses in two Tableau Server. So if the licences want to apply to the New Tableau Server, should i deactivate the licenses in old tableau server and activate them in new tableau Server? if yes, when should i do?


              It would be very appreciate if any suggestion. Many thanks!


              Best Regards,


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                Michelle cai

                Hi Srikanth,


                Many thanks your reply, it's very useful and clear!


                Also, if i want to apply the configuration in old tableau server to new server, --no -config needn't be add?

                I mean, when i use the tabadmin restore tabserv.tsbak, the configuration(SMTP setup, alter and subscription, and so on) will apply in new server, it's right?


                Besides, for the license issue --when should i deactivate the licenses in old server and activate them in new one ? Do you have any suggestion? Many thanks!


                Best Regards,


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                  Mark McGhee

                  Hi Michelle,


                  It's going to seem a bit odd but I'm going to follow up your questions in reverse order:


                  (2)  Per the EULA the Tableau Server license key allows you 1 Production and 2 Non-Production environments.  Which would be a total of 3 deployments and it sounds like so far only two have been setup and keys deployed so for the new environment it should allow you to apply the key without issue.   On the off chance you hit a "max activation error", you could *temporarily* deactivate one of your other environments (but don't uninstall the software).  If for example some activations got used up as mentioned earlier, VMs deleted and/or Server reimaged before the chance to deactivate then this error could pop up.  If you come up short, open a support case and we can reset your keys.


                  (1)  I like Srikanth's idea of taking screenshots of the Tableau Server config tabs.   Unfortunately you really will need to use the "--no-config" option.  Here's a link to 10.5 Help that explains when you're trying to migrate Tableau Server to new hardware:


                  Migrate to New Hardware


                  You can also run the "tabadmin config -o settings.txt" command.   This will put all the settings of Tableau Server in alphabetical order.   If you do this for ServerA and ServerB you can use a file comparison tool (like BeyondCompare) and verify the settings are the same.

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                    Michelle cai

                    Hi Mark,


                    so I must re-configure in the new server, right? such as SMTP setup ...

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                      srikanth vadlamannati

                      Hi Michelle,


                      Yes do a re-configure but its straight  forward , As I said take the screenshot on you  A windows server and in B windows server just copy and paste  everything.

                      Have your service id  password handy .


                      If I am correct I understood your concern.


                      When you are installing tableau server you just need to do a default configuration at this point you will not set up any configuration . Just click next and finish.

                      If it ask for license activation do it .


                      Then stop tableau server with tabadmin stop


                      Now you will restore with tabadmin restore --no-config path\tabserv.tsbak


                      After restoration is completed you need to open tableau server configuration and complete the configuration settings copy paste same from A to B windows box.

                      Check - In SMTP Setup tab - Under Send email from  -  Tableau server  URL - If you are using system name  change  it to B windows system name OR if your using prod url then you doesn't need to make any changes.


                      Now tabadmin start.



                      For deactivation you  can deactivate the key on A windows server after taking the back up .  As  Mark said technically it can be activated in 3 systems but if you don't want to take chances deactivate the key once your done taking the back up. 

                      If you think you installation is not successful on B windows server you can always activate the key in A  windows box anytime.

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                        Michelle cai

                        Hi srikanth,


                        Super thanks your kindly advise! I will operate as you said.

                        You're so nice and patient, many thanks!