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    Monthly Excel Data Loading as One Month

    Paul Weber



      I'm a new Tableau user and I'm trying to load monthly budget data from an Excel spreadsheet.  The data is formatted as such:


      1/1/18     5,000

      2/1/18     5,000

      3/1/18     5,000



      Tableau is putting everything into January 2018, so that I have one column of 60,000, rather than 12 monthly columns of 5,000 each.


      I live in the U.S., but I work for a UK company.  I believe our Tableau server default is UK date format, so it's reading the Excel data as Day/Month/Year.


      I tried changing the Excel date format to UK, and changing my Workbook locale to U.S., but those didn't work.


      I imagine this is a fairly common issue.  Any suggestions as to how to fix?


      Thanks in advance.