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    Create Set help

    Chris Golden

      Hello All,


      I am green to Tableau but I am learning.


      I have a drop down with some values in it.  I created a text box so that when I select a value....that same value appears in the text box.


      I created a set to do this ....and it works....sort of....


      The problem I am having is when All is selected then it displays all the values in the text box instead of just same "All"


      How do I edit this so that when "All" is chosen the text box also displays all?


      Any Ideas?



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          Naveen B

          Hi Chris,


          take an example like below


          1) I have set on Customers like below and showed it as filter


          2) I have dimension which is customer name on which i created Set


          3) Create a calculation like below


          All or Customer Name:

          if COUNTD([Customer Name])>1




          ATTR([Customer Name])





          4) Replace the dimension with created calculated field


          5) Now All Selected


          Now you can see if all Selected you can see All


          Hope this helps


          Plz mark this answer as correct or helpful to close the thread




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            Chris Golden

            Thanks bro!


            I will try it later on tonight when I get home....I will let you know


            Thanks again!

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              Chris Golden

              That did work Thank you....


              however it did not include all the values when all is selected


              Is there not a way to mirror whatever the filter (dropdown) says?




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